Studio Classes

The studio classes focus on foundational concepts and principles of the Pilates method. These classes effectively work the entire body with an emphasis on movement – getting every muscle firing to lengthen and strengthen, with high energy cardio to pure flexibility. Each session is limited to a maximum group of 6 participants. Experience the energy of a small group class with the personal attention of a semi private session. Come out of these classes feeling energized!

Core Focus


Utilising the Pilates Roller Spine Corrector and other small equipment to their full potential. This class ranges from basic balance and spinal awareness exercises to advanced movement patterns, emphasising precision and body control. Work to challenge your core strength, while lengthening your spine, expanding the chest, mobilising the shoulders and elongating the whole body. Come and feel the burn!


Pilates Mat


Pilates Mat is based on correct alignment, balance, precise initiation and spinal articulation. By activating the deeper stabilising muscles, working from the inside out with awareness and breathe, you achieve a full body workout that will be sure to leave you with better posture and feeling stronger.


Pilates Barre


Pilates Barre will improve lower back and hip alignment and tone your bum and thighs. The focus is on leg and foot technique through movement with equal attention to precision and flowing motion. This class will get your feet moving whilst finding and centering your core!


Reformer Classes


BodyMap's Reformer classes are semi-private sessions, with a maximum for three participants. They are specifically designed to offer the most well rounded workout possible. In these classes you will develop long, lean overall muscle tone, postural correction, core strength, improved flexibility, balance, body awareness and accelerated results. Both beginner and intermediate classes. Come in and get moving!