What is Stretch Therapy?

Stretch Therapy is a method of hands-on manual therapy using gentle traction, circumduction and 3D (full joint range) stretching. It is designed to increase range of motion by targeting the entire joint capsule, not just the muscles and connective tissues. We move in and out of stretches of varying intensity. Instead of holding, we flow. It is gentle, yet the results are very deep and long-lasting.


Why does Stretch Therapy work?

As you age, your fascia (connective tissue) loses elasticity and the joint capsules tighten. Regular stretching helps to slow and even reverse this process. Because your body is relaxed you get the maximum benefit of the stretch and lasting results.

Who is Stretch Therapy for?

Everyone needs to stretch. Your age, activity level and goals will determine the type of session our stretch specialist provides. You are unique, and we’ll take that into account.

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What is a Stretch Therapy Session Like?

Sessions can vary widely depending on your needs and goals.

This is a typical session:

We start with a postural and movement assessment, set goals and then get to the good stuff.

You get to relax on the table while your stretch specialist moves your body through a variety of stretches based on your needs. Our method of stretching keeps you flowing and moving, breathing and relaxing. No static held stretches here. Expect your specialist to stay in communication with you to ensure that the stretch is at just the right intensity. (Yummy not ouch-y!) They will explain their findings and help you learn about your body while keeping you focused, relaxed and calm.

Lastly, we’ll teach you a take-home stretch. Over time, these stretches will become your home stretch routine.


Ready to give it a try?

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